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Typically the bride and groom will hold a white basket with two white doves inside and then as they exit the building, they will open the basket and the two doves will fly up into the air symbolizing the bride and groom entering the world together to begin their lives as a couple. The bride and groom may want to read a poem or have the best man read before opening the basket. You can plan the release of the birds in your own way. You can even hold the birds in your hands and release them simultaneously. You may even decide to have each member of the wedding party hold a dove and everyone release them together. We will drop the birds off to a designated person in the wedding party and give brief instructions on the day of your wedding, or with a large flock release we will arrive and discreetly set up for the flock release and then quietly depart. Professional bird handlers are available to help with the release.We are flexible and accommodating for any ideas you may have. There are only a few guideline to follow.
  1. The birds may only be released in the daylight with plenty of time to get home before dark.

2. The birds may not be released in heavy rain or fog.

3. The birds must be released with an open view of the sky.

Our birds are specially trained to return home after being let go. They must be able to get home the same day for their own safety.
We love our birds and give them the best of care. They live in a spacious bird loft in gravesend,kent. Our birds are clean, healthy and free from diseases. These birds are bred and raised by us. No harm comes to these beautiful creatures in the participation of your ceremony.


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